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Medical crane tower, suspension bridge

FGT-120E wet and dry

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The dry and wet sections of the ICU suspension bridge are equipped with a medical monitoring instrument platform that can be adjusted up and down. On the dry and wet ends, oxygen, air, suction, strong and weak electricity, and network input terminals are respectively arranged on the tower body that the medical staff can reach. The wet section adopts a cantilever structure, which improves the treatment space. The moving rotating part adopts pneumatic braking, and the position and direction of the tower body can be arbitrarily locked.
The wet and dry suspension bridge simplifies the functional configuration, and combines the wet and dry sections into one. The structure is simple, convenient to use, space-saving, and suitable for small area monitoring areas and emergency rooms. In addition, you can choose a variety of medical accessories according to your requirements.

Basic parameters and configuration:
1. Rotation angle 340°, lateral running distance: ±500mm.
2. Equipment tray: load ≤ 60Kg.
3. Beam length: 2.4-3.2m.
(1), beam load ≤ 250Kg
(2), the horizontal operation mode of the hanging box
4. Attachment configuration (subject to actual demand):
(1), 690mm × 400mm equipment tray.
(2), with drawer tray.
(3), various infusion stand.
(4), safe low-voltage halogen lighting (on the built-in beam, integrated with the beam).
(5), 1 monitor network interface.

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