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Medical crane tower, suspension bridge

FIGTON Medical Shaped Suspension Bridge

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Optional square U type / Features
All structures are rounded

90° rotating angler
// Patented rotating parts at the corner for all-round movement of the workstation
// Ergonomic circular handle for the safest use

Optional LED lighting system
// No glare-assisted interior lights integrated at the top of the suspension bridge
// can adjust the brightness and color arbitrarily
// Suitable for operating room ambient lighting
// can identify the status of the operating room
// Green is more suitable for illumination in the laparoscopic surgery area

Equipment suspension system
// Universal rails under the beam can hang various workstations
// A variety of workstation options to meet the needs of clinical use
// Optional diversity workstation attachments to meet individual needs

Ergonomic electrical supply system
// Multiple gas, power and data interfaces available from three or four sides
// Both inside and outside are available

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