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After sales service

1. We strive to make our products perfect and rigorously tested before leaving the factory.
2. Call back every month and conduct on-site inspection every six months;
3. After-sales personnel will arrive at the scene within 12 hours after receiving the fault call (no special circumstances) and give a solution within 24 hours;
4. If the parts need to be replaced, the logistics distribution will be completed within two working days.
5. The after-sales service project data is provided for the purpose of providing an objective basis for the after-sales personnel to check the repair date of the consumable parts, the date of replacement of the consumables, and the maintenance date of the maintenance unit.

Maintenance coverage:
1. Free maintenance and repair during the warranty period, free replacement of spare parts that are not man-made damaged by consumables.
2. During the warranty period, the equipment caused by our company is damaged, replaced free of charge and bear the corresponding losses.
3. Provide free technical consultation on the manufacture, installation, commissioning, use, maintenance and maintenance of equipment.
4. During the warranty period, the damage caused by improper use of the equipment shall be borne by the owner. The cost of the material shall be reduced by the company. The replacement of the consumable items shall be borne by the owner.
5. Establish and provide a list of consumables and reserve common parts.
6. Other content as agreed in the contract.

Service line:
After-sales center: 0712-410-6158